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Sow 7 Seeds to the entire world NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

To all the 7 Seeds fans out there! :-D

Finally it's time to get serious:
Thanks to the tips of 10 KK, I managed to set up the long-awaited 7 Seeds poll! ^,^

I hope this way we can convince the publisher we'll ask to buy the license of our most beloved manga, that 7 Seeds is worthy of translating and publishing it in English language!

Our goal is gathering enough votes to show there’s a really large group of fans who’d be willing to buy the manga volumes.

But please make sure that you don't 'fake' the poll by giving multiple votes or having non-fans give their voice too just to raise the poll bar. This wouldn't do our cause much good. It would also be very unfair towards the money the publisher will have to invest lots of money in it.

Since I love books and want to support their market, I want to do this properly so that it will really be the best for Tamura-sama, the publisher, all the dedicated fans and of course our most beloved manga! :-D

Lg, Ysaye

PS: Just ignore the white field below this text (I couldn't use a free text field because oft the free software restrictions of questionform) and skip to the questions right away!

1. Would you be willing to buy the manga ‘7 Seeds’ of Yumi Tamura-sama, if this series were to be published in English language?

2. Would you also be willing to pay a higher price per volume if the manga were to be published in a larger size (around 17cm x 25cm), so that Tamura-sama’s brilliant graphics will be displayed in the best way possible?

3. Which continent are you living at?

(as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continent)

4. Further comments (Free choice question)

Please advertise 7 Seeds in your own circle of acquaintances and friends and get proof of their support as well! If you want to introduce them to 7 Seeds, give them this link to the new 7 Seeds Wiki: http://7-seeds.wikia.com/wiki/7_Seeds_Wiki

If you want to give your own opinions, wishes or ideas for the English publications of 7 Seeds or simply voice your support personally, use the text field below!